Informations about Horst Biewald


life career

I was born on September 17 1963 in Bavaria an started singing loud right after my birth. In the age of seven i made my first jodeling experiences. After school a toolmaker career was mine but beside working, playing guitar, singing and jodeling were always part of my days.

I spent about two years in English speaking countries.

In 2008 I recorded my Singer/Songwriter Album "boarisch groove" which got positiv attention even in Radio and TV outside of Bavaria and Germany, especially the jodeling reggae-song "chiemgau reggae" was quite successful.

In my selfemployed business life since 1990 I did a lot mechanical jobs, music, art, teaching and landscaping.

I´m married, have three children and love nature. Its my greatest plesure to teach people somthing that makes them relaxed and happy, the jodeling workshops are perfect for that.