Informations about my yodeling workshops


Yodeling in the Alps came out a long time ago to communicate in the mountains and to express the natrual beauty and power of a happy life. Singing and yodeling together (in a groupe) brings konzentration an relaxation in a very special way, bacause it takes us back to our roots in the nature.

Of cause one needs to experience it to know what it is, but may by one of the videos can give You an idea what it could be for You.

video no 1         or         video no 2.              or some photos

We start with some relaxed physical exercises to prepare our body for this special singing technik an this makes us happy already, becaus everithig thats good for the voice is also healthy and makes us feel good.

We start with simple short jodeling and get into singing Jodel-songs including traditonal instruments. We take small steps, individually for each groupe to make sure we have fun in learning it.

For the yodeling workshops I translated some traditional Bavarian and Austrian  yodelsongs, to  get the idea of the yodelfeeling into the language of my English speaking students.

When You are planing to come to Bavaria (Germany) and need help to organise the right place for the yodeling workshop, I can help You.

If You have any question, pelase contact me

Thanks for reading !


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